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History of the club

The history of the association is closely linked to the history of mushing in our country. In fact, the AEM was the first club founded and registered in our federation, being the pioneer in the sport of mushing.

  • Year 1996, foundation of the club.

  • Year 1998, we introduce canicross in Spain as a category within sled dog racing.

  • In 2003 we started the promotion of canicross mountain races in Catalonia.

  • 2005 Organization of the First Canicross of Catalonia, a test that marked a turning point in the development of the sport. Since then, the AEM has not ceased its work, being the organization with the highest degree of commitment to this specialty.

  • Since 2006, the AEM has been the promoter of the first Canicross Spanish National League and the first Catalan Canicross League.

  • 2006 AEM has been the promoter of the affiliation of Spain to the European Canicross Federation (ECF), when it asked the Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation to join this association.

  • 2007 AEM was the promoter of the agreement in Catalonia, between the athletics, mountain, agility and winter sports federations for the joint organization of the league and championships of Catalonia.

The AEM has been and is an entity that has welcomed and welcomes great mushing athletes, among which it is worth mentioning; Miquel Ángel Martínez, Ramón Armengol, Olga Álvarez, Lázaro Martínez and Victor Carrasco.






  1. We use the plural "WE" (we), to always speak of a group and not individualize. That is, we try to move away from self-centeredness and individualization to speak and express ourselves as a group, which helps to reaffirm that: WE ARE A TEAM!

  2. The "STAND" works the 2 most common meanings of this word in English:

    1. Stand by” -> support, offer help, help each other

    2. “Take a stand” -> position yourself, face up to…, in a firm and unwavering attitude.

  3. The word “PACK” in English means herd. In our way of living sport this has 2 connotations:

    1. Each of the members of our team are, together with our family, friends, trainers, etc., part of the pack of our dogs.

    2. The set of all these small herds forms a larger one that is our Club: AEM

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